About us

Excellence is our benchmark

Captiva Homes prides itself not just on building great houses, but on building great homes with a firm focus on excellence. In design, in materials, in craftsmanship and in customer service.

At the heart of each is a blend of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology, flair and functionality. Commitment to quality and creativity, to sustainable development, to energy efficiency, to the environment and to the communities they are creating is all key.

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Captiva cares

Captiva Homes is an independently owned, local housebuilding business run solely by a team of Islanders and with a successful pedigree of building homes on the Island for nearly two decades.

Creating communities of homes, working to superb standards of design and build, and with a close eye on the essence of the Isle of Wight, its landscape, environment and its people. That’s our aim.


"We’re passionate about this unique and stunning part of the UK that we call home. It needs investment and progress, but also protection and responsible development."

James Pink