Our Lily Cross Plans

The site has already been granted full planning permission for a restricted Continuing Care Community for up to 143 units, only 10 of which would be affordable housing. All of which would be accessed from a singular access point off Yarborough Close.  

We are passionate about creating a community of homes that integrates more appropriately within the surroundings than the current approved scheme.  With a firm focus on excellence in design, materials and craftsmanship, we hope to sensitively blend our improved concept within its landscape, the environment and its neighbours.  After considering the needs of your local community, our plans for what we are calling our Lily Cross development include up to 107 brand new one, two, three and four bedroom homes designed for a much wider demographic such as younger families.  

We would like to hear your thoughts about our proposal for the area, including our plans to improve and upgrade the local footpaths, bridleway connections and the access to the development.

Captiva Homes is an Island business, run by Islanders who play a real part in the community. We feel the weight of responsibility of development on the Isle of Wight and are genuinely pleased to be able to offer the right mix of homes for your community, including an increase to 39 affordable homes, 70% of which would be available to rent.  

Your views about our concept matter to us and we hope that you will come along to our public exhibition, so we can share what we believe is a wonderful scheme for the whole of Godshill.


Across the site, we propose to build up to 107 homes with an improved mix of one, two, three and four bedroom houses.

Unlike the current plans, our scheme does not include any apartments at all, nor any buildings over two storeys high. In fact, not only have we included bungalows in our plans, but we have also designed our homes to grow with local families and give them the opportunity to extend in the future.

Our commitment to the environment has played a huge role in our plans. Our goal is to work with the land owners on a biodiverse regreening scheme. The scheme would upgrade local nearby land to a healthier ecological state, improving soil fertility and water retention by planting additional vegetation such as trees and shrubs.

In terms of access to the development, we are proposing an additional primary access on the corner of Whitwell Road and West Street, alleviating the pressure on the current singular access point granted off Yarborough Close.

We hope to start building these homes in 2022.

These plans can be viewed at our public exhibition.


  • Overall improvements to the current granted scheme
  • Additional primary access point added
  • A reduction in density and storey height
  • Improved mix of homes for a wider market
  • Overall some 39 affordable homes specifically for local residents
  • Improvement to the public footpaths and bridleways
  • Improvements to local roads and highway infrastructure
  • Biodiverse regreening scheme
Our Lily Cross Plans

Please come and see our plans for yourself

Please come and see our plans for yourself.
We are holding a public exhibition at Godshill Primary School on

Thursday 7th October 2021 from 6pm to 8pm.

Everyone is welcome to come and talk to the project team.


Captiva Homes prides itself not just on building great homes, but on building them with a firm focus on excellence – in design, in materials, in craftsmanship and in customer service.

Our homes go above and beyond in our quest to integrate within their setting, their environment and their neighbours. They have an aspirational beauty, yet we believe in being achievable for local customers.

We’re at the forefront of sustainable green technology and, therefore, all of our one to four-bedroom properties, including bungalows, will be designed to minimise carbon emissions as a part of a drive towards a greener future.



What has Captiva built before?

We have been building fantastic homes on the Isle of Wight for nearly two decades, some of which include: West Acre Park, Ryde, Springfield Court, Seaview, Cavendish Close, Bembridge and Princess Court in East Cowes.

What is the current status of the application on this site?

The Isle of Wight Council has confirmed that the previous application has been lawfully commenced and, therefore, without our updated Lily Cross application, could proceed to be built as per the plans without any further consultation with the public.

Who will our homes be for?

If approved, our Lily Cross plans would provide homes to benefit as many local people as possible. 80% of reservations from our other live sites are from current Island residents, 45% alone are from the towns in which the developments are situated. The Government’s Help to Buy Scheme has assisted 50% of our buyers in purchasing a new home and over half our reservations have been to first time buyers. Here at Captiva Homes, as Island people we are proud to celebrate so many local people benefiting from homes that are truly built for Islanders.

Is this an ecologically sensitive site?

We take a responsible approach to all species and biodiversity and, therefore, in addition to the processes undertaken for the previous application, we have also been monitoring the site for over 12 months. Working with Natural England and other environmental consultants we are committed to positively promoting, enhancing and delivering net improvements to habitat and biodiversity.

What is the land currently used for?

Currently, the redundant farmland and disused buildings have a commenced planning application for a high density extra care development. We hope to instead sensitively integrate our Lily Cross concept with some of the current farm buildings to give more of a nod to the site’s heritage, ensuring it sits better within its landscape and surroundings.

Will the development cause flooding?

The drainage would, in fact, be improved over and above the land’s current status and it is important that our proposal is actually a reduction in overall units from the current granted scheme.  As part of the planning process we are required to calculate the current surface water run-off rate using data from a flood event that has a 1 in 100 chance (1% probability) of being equalled or exceeded in any given year. These figures are then increased by 40% to allow for climate change.

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