All of us, at some point in our lives, have wanted to be a record breaker. Ever since Roy Castle picked up his trumpet and played that theme tune, it's been drilled into us that dedication is all you need to succeed at anything! So if you’ve been struggling to keep your little ones entertained this summer then why not try something different by competing in the Guinness World Records at Home.   

Give your children the option to choose a challenge that can be completed in and around the home; or maybe choose a family activity that everyone can get involved with, after all you don’t want to let the children have all the fun – there’s a record waiting to be broken whatever your age or ability.   

Records can be just for fun or you can officially apply via the Guinness World Record website. 

Some of our personal favourites are: 

  • Fastest 100m on a space hopper 

  • Most smarties / M&Ms eaten in 1 minute, blindfolded and with chopsticks! 

  • Fastest time to unravel a toilet roll 

Whether it's in your kitchen, bedroom or garden, there are hundreds of records that you can practise and attempt right in your home - by yourself or with a family member. Try out some of these classic records because there's always a chance to beat your personal best, or even the world's best. 

If there isn’t an existing record that you want to try and break then you can always come up with your own challenges.  Why not have fun researching the world records and see what you think is missing from the list, then you could be a world first as well as a world record holder.  Although you might be surprised at how wide ranging the current records are; did you know there’s even a record for the most spoons balanced on the body?! It’s currently held by a Serbian man with an impressive total of 79. 

If you'd like to officially apply for one of the records, follow the link to start an application and receive a full set of guidelines, or visit guinnessworldrecords.com

And if you’ve ever wondered how we came to start creating and breaking world records then it all began 64 years ago when Sir Hugh Beaver, head of Guinness brewery, got into an argument at a shooting party about the fastest game bird in Europe: was and so the idea for a book of records was born, a definitive list of the world’s biggest, best and often craziest! 

Spending time indoors doesn’t mean you have to be bored.  In fact, with the extra time, you can aspire to do great things, including becoming a Guinness World Records title holder with the new #GWRchallenge