How To 'Holiday' On Your Doorstep


With the ever fluctuating restrictions on foreign travel and uncertainties around quarantine requirements upon return, many people have resigned themselves to missing out on a summer holiday this year.  However, there’s no need to feel excluded as you scroll Instagram wondering why everyone you follow seems to be on a palm tree studded beach, as with just a little planning you could be having a lot of fun on your very own ‘Holiday at Home’.

First things first, banish any thoughts you might be having of this holiday being a ‘second best’ option. Seaview can be every bit as sunny as Santorini, Ryde just as romantic as Rhodes, and Sandown can stand its ground against Sardinia any day of the week, as what our beautiful Island has to rival all these European travel hotspots is fantastic beaches, outstanding scenery and the accolade of being the UK’s sunniest staycation destination. So with all of this on offer, why were you even thinking of travelling further afield?!

Now that you’re in the right mindset it’s time to get planning, and step one is book time off. Just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean work should be allowed to encroach, so turn on your ‘out of office’ and switch off those Teams notifications; this is going to be a proper holiday.  Throw rigid schedules out of the window! No one is going to school or work, so enjoy leisurely breakfasts together and take time to chat about the days ahead.  The most important thing about this holiday plan is having fun, not keeping to a timetable.

Next, think about all the favourite things that you and your family think of when you hear the word ‘holiday’. Perhaps it’s finding quirky places to eat delicious foreign cuisine, maybe it’s indulging in some luxurious products to fill your holiday washbag, or perhaps your children love adding to their treasures from local souvenir shops. Whatever your favourites may be, find a way to factor them into your holiday at home ; book that new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, or buy all the ingredients to cook a delicious meal together inspired by your favourite holiday destination – risotto, sushi….. the world is your oyster.

Plan some days out and make it your mission to discover parts of your local area that you never knew existed. We all have our favourite spots for walks and activities, but it’s amazing the places we’ve never visited that are right on the doorstep.  Make the most of the beach too; when we’re lucky enough to live so close to so many beautiful beaches, it’s very easy to take them for granted. Why not book a paddle-boarding lesson, couple beachcombing with a hunt for dinosaur footprints, hold a sandcastle building competition (with obligatory tacky prize for the winner) or even just see how many different ice cream flavours you can enjoy throughout the week (holidays are no place for diets).

Make sure that you’re all dressed the part too. We’ve all got special items of clothing in the wardrobe that are reserved for holidays so get them out and wear them. If budgets allow, why not buy everyone a fun new t-shirt or silly sunhat, or better still why not challenge the children to a craft day where everyone creates their own new favourite holiday memento.

Last but by no means least, don’t forget to take photos. You’ll want to be reminded of this holiday of a lifetime in years to come, and of course, you’ll want to make your friends jealous with a few social media posts of your own, so if all else fails pop a deckchair and a parasol in the sandpit in the back garden and no one will know you’re right outside your own back door!

By now you’ve hopefully realised that the holiday you had ruled out this summer is most definitely back on. So sunhats, suncream, raincoats and umbrellas at the ready, as this year’s ‘holiday at home’ is sure to be one to remember.