Your House or Mine?


For couples who live together, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus across the globe, normality now means spending an indefinite amount of time in one another’s company.

Fortunately, relationship experts are confident that this time can be spent strengthening our relationships and growing as a couple – as long as people take the time to be mindful of their own needs as well as those of our partners.

Many have taken a much larger leap of faith, choosing to move in together during lockdown when they had previously lived apart or maybe have not known each other very long. This trend has been dubbed “corona-cuffing” and the couples are quickly becoming known as “coronnials”.  

We have taken some time to put together some of the top tips for Coronavirus Cohabiting.

Be positive and appreciative. Rather than focusing on what your partner didn’t do around the house, like pick up their dirty laundry. Do your best to be thankful for the things they did and every effort your partner is making.  There’s a lot to be grateful for right now, remember to appreciate you’re with one another. Many people across the globe will be suffering with loneliness. You are in this together!

Have your own individual routine. For many it is now incredibly difficult to keep to your usual routine within your home right now but try your hardest not to give into your pyjamas. It’s healthy to maintain your own separate routine from your partners and be understanding and respectful of the things on their agenda. It’s great if you can keep this as close to your usual one as possible. For example, if you would normally walk to work in the mornings, why not take a walk before your work from home day begins?  

Work in separate spaces. Many couples are for the first time working together as well as cohabiting. If possible, try and set up an area that is specifically for you and your work. Separate rooms is best but if not, be sure you have your own designated areas, away from distractions including each other. You can enjoy luxuries such as breaks and lunch together which you ordinarily wouldn’t have.  

Plan for the future. Restrictions have fast tracked many relationships, at least temporarily so what are you going to do when all this is over? Use this time to plan your future ideas, entertaining friends and family and of course where you might live!

This exclusive test could confirm your readiness to become homeowners together so why not take some time to explore your options such as mortgages or first time buyer schemes on new homes.

If you successfully manage to complete lockdown as a pair, you could be asking yourselves at the end of all this “your house or mine?”